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Finca a vendre à Moraira - Espagne Costa Blanca | 995.000 € | 292 m2 Construit | Vue sur mer | ZDG2768

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Finca a vendre à Moraira - Espagne Costa Blanca | 995.000 € | 292 m2 Construit | Vue sur mer | ZDG2768

The dream of the simple life under the southern sun and palm trees, among grape vines and olives – it could come true here. This enchanting, old finca, lovingly and skillfully restored with superior simplicity and almost historic charm, would provide an ideally authentic setting for such a life-dream. Throughout the comfortably manageable rooms, in a true and traditional style, in the fittings and choice of materials, which are original and genuine, combined with refined, almost inconspicuous décor and the concealed comfort of today’s technology emerges a living-oasis with that unparalleled ambience of tranquility and picturesque class.
The exterior area is also quite simply paradise, with terraces, a naya, antique tools and an idyllic guest-house, which show the charm of Mediterranean country-life from days long gone by.
The property is secluded, peaceful and sunny and situated not far from the quiet hubbub of the relaxing coastal towns, with restaurants, a sandy beach and yachting marina. A soothing sea view completes the idyll.

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  • Chambres
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    292,00 m2
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    1.267,00 m2
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