725.000 €

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Villa a vendre à Murla - Espagne Costa Blanca | 725.000 € | 343 m2 Construit | ZMVCBN4244D

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Villa a vendre à Murla - Espagne Costa Blanca | 725.000 € | 343 m2 Construit | ZMVCBN4244D

A country house, located just outside the picturesque village of Murla with wonderful mountain views. South facing this property is ideal as a large family home or alternatively could be a walking retreat, space for horses, or breeding of dogs
The property has some of the land fenced off for the safety of children and animals and the rest left au natural with the minumum of work per year!
Spacious hallway leads into the family Lounge with beamed ceiling, wood burning fireplace flowing into a dining area and adjacent kitchen and utility room, all open plan. Doors lead onto the terrace ideal for winter sun and summer shade. Currently there are two offices used by the owners but could be further bedrooms, and also two guest bedrooms with fitted wardrobes interconnecting with a bathroom. Separate WC and shower room and door to outside.


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  • Chambres
  • Bains
  • Construit
    343,00 m2
  • Terrain
    10.539,00 m2
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