1.950.000 €

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Villa zum Verkauf in Altea - Spanien Costa Blanca | 1.950.000 € | 610 m2 Wohnfläche: | Meerblick | CLDX4541

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Villa zum Verkauf in Altea - Spanien Costa Blanca | 1.950.000 € | 610 m2 Wohnfläche: | Meerblick | CLDX4541

The entrance to this wonderful villa is possible from the 72m2 open parking space on the left side of the main entrance, or from the 44m2 underground garage. From the parking space you can enter the house through a covered terrace entering an 8m2 hall, from where you can access the -1 floor; first floor, or the garden. You can also move to a terrace of 50m2.
Inside, you will find yourself in a 20m2 lobby. On the other side, there is a staircase that will take you to the ground floor or the basement. You can also use the elevator. On the left side there is a 19m2 bedroom with private bathroom. Along the corridor, to the right of the lobby is the second bedroom of 21m2 also with private bathroom. The rooms have access to the 20m2 open terrace. Then, the 62m2 master bedroom with fireplace, a large bathroom and access to a private terrace of 20m2.
On the ground floor there is a living area, a spacious living room, kitchen with dining room of 98m2. Also a toilet and a bedroom of 20m2 with bathroom. The kitchen has access to a 50m2 terrace and a 13m2 barbecue area. A terrace of 26m2 is accessible both from the living room and from the bedroom. This plant also has a modern swimming pool, swimming in which you can enjoy an unforgettable landscape. Near the pool, a staircase will take you to the garden. The ground floor has a laundry of 28m2 and an office of 11m2.
This villa is built in a modern style and is admirable for its unique architecture and design. The large windows create the illusion that the interiors and the exterior area are visually mixed together, causing a sense of light and open space. In the territory of the house there is a remarkable plantation, which adds a feeling of comfort to the relaxation area. From all corners you can enjoy the unforgettable views of the sea and the green area, ecologically clean and protected by Greenpeace.

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    610,00 m2
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    1.300,00 m2
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