324.000 €

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Виллы в продаже в Denia - Испания Коста Бланка | 324.000 € | 215 m2 Площадь: | Вид на море | CLDX2287

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Виллы в продаже в Denia - Испания Коста Бланка | 324.000 € | 215 m2 Площадь: | Вид на море | CLDX2287

Reduced from 450.000 to 324.000 Euros Need to be Sell Urgent.
Make an offer !!!High standard built villa with a separate apartment. This villa is situated in an urbanization that has an excellent infrastructure. The villa has 2 levels. The top level consists of a living-dining room with a chimney, a kitchen, 3 bedrooms (one is en-suite), 2 bathrooms, a covered-uncovered terrace and a swimming-pool with small outer kitchen with BBQ. The materials used, are of high quality. The ceiling of the living-dining room has a semi-rustic style with wooden beams and the floors are covered with high quality rustic tiles. The lower level consists of an apartment with a living-dining room, kitchen, a large bedroom, a bathroom and a covered terrace. Besides, the villa has a parking area for at least 3 cars, a garden with plants and small trees with automatic watering system and some small uncovered terraces. It also contains a central heating and an alarm system. The view from this villa to the sea and the surrounding mountains is beautiful. You have to see this object.

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    215,00 m2
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    800,00 m2
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